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Alumni Scholarship

One our major commitments an an alumni group is to be able to award a scholarship to a University of Regina Cougar Women’s Hockey athlete. This award is presented to a player whom is entering their fourth or their fifth year of eligibility and demonstrates leadership among her teammates.

This scholarship has been awarded to many women who have went on to exemplify success in a career, family, or the game of female hockey. We are proud to continue to help support our athletes in their future education endeavors.

2021-2022 RECIPIENT


This years recipient of the Alumni Scholarship goes to Jordan Kulbida, whom is in her 4th year of eligibility with the women's team.


2020-2021: Lila Carpenter-Boesch

2019-2020: Lila Carpenter-Boesch

2018-2019: Emma Waldenburger

2017-2018: Kylee Kupper

2016-2017: Kylie Gavelin

2015-2016: Brooklyn Moskowy

2014-2015: Stephanie Sawchuk

2013-2014: Tristan Riemer

2012-2013: Kendra Finch

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